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4.50/5.00 Jewellery & watches

Laurence OVERBURY reviewed Nite Watches

Just acquired my third Nite watch

the Atlas desert model. These watches are fantastic for outdoor work, given their durability. I swapped the strap for a leather one from Watch Gecko, and it now looks and feels perfect. This is their first model with movement (I believe), and it operates very smoothly. It's a shame they don't offer it in blue and orange glow, but that's just how it is. As always, Nite continues to impress as a company.

4.50/5.00 Jewellery & watches

Amanda Hassani reviewed John Greed Jewellery

The customer service was absolutely exceptional.

I purchased a bracelet as a gift, but unfortunately, the size was too small due to my oversight. I reached out to Molly in customer service, who promptly arranged to send additional links at no extra charge, which was a pleasant surprise as I was prepared to pay for them. Thank you immensely for your assistance. I'll definitely be recommending John Greed to everyone and will be placing another order soon (ensuring I double-check the sizing this time)!

4.50/5.00 Jewellery & watches

Martin Darren reviewed Swiss Watches Direct

I took the leap, and it paid off.

I had some reservations about purchasing online. It was such a relief to talk to Garry, who not only reassured me but also provided valuable advice on what to expect regarding stock availability and delivery timelines. Thanks to his guidance, I felt at ease throughout the process. I waited briefly for an email confirming the dispatch, followed by another one with the carrier details. The package arrived on the expected day, neatly packaged in the correct box with all the necessary paperwork. I went online to register it in my TAG profile and checked the warranty—everything was in order. This purchase was truly outstanding, offering significant savings. I'll certainly be keeping an eye on SWD for future purchases.

4.50/5.00 Jewellery & watches

Wynanda klant reviewed SILK Jewellery

La livraison ultra-rapide et le bracelet étaient...

La livraison ultra-rapide et le bracelet étaient magnifiquement gravés et emballés.

4.50/5.00 Jewellery & watches

Leeson Jones reviewed Watches Eleven

What an incredible timepiece!

I've owned numerous watches, but none compare to this one. From its versatile interchangeable straps that cater to any dress code, to its elegant appearance and sturdy construction, I have no regrets about this purchase. Wearing this watch from a new boutique company gives me a sense of exclusivity. Despite accidentally bumping it against tables or walls countless times while walking past, not a single scratch or scuff marks its durable face. It's the most resilient watch I've ever owned. I adore it, and the exceptional customer service I received when I reached out for strap attachment instructions only adds to my satisfaction.

4.50/5.00 Jewellery & watches

Annabel Katie reviewed Auree Jewellery

Top-notch Customer Service, Exceptional Jewellery!

I experienced a product malfunction from their store, and they promptly provided a replacement at no cost, even covering the postage and keeping me informed about the replacement process. The new item arrived the very next day after they received the defective one. Incredible customer service! I strongly endorse them, their jewellery is truly stunning!

4.50/5.00 Jewellery & watches

brooks Lamedica reviewed Stardust Watches

I adore these watches.

They've been trouble-free for me. It's disheartening to find out that the website is currently inaccessible and likely out of business. I own six of these watches and have even bought them for friends. I remain optimistic that they'll make a comeback.

4.50/5.00 Jewellery & watches

WILLIAM Long reviewed Jewellery Doctor


I was thoroughly impressed by the efficiency of the entire process. Every step, from start to finish, was communicated clearly and succinctly, with regular updates provided at each stage. What stood out to me was the thoughtful gesture of sending a pre-paid envelope for me to securely send my item back, with insurance coverage handled by them. I was more than willing to cover the return postage for my item. Within just two weeks, my wife's Links of London sweetie bracelet was restrung and returned to us, looking brand new! I wouldn't hesitate to use their services again and to recommend them to my family and friends.

4.50/5.00 Jewellery & watches

Deborah Baicoana reviewed Watches of Switzerland

I was impressed by the service at the Manchester store.

I had the pleasure of meeting Ross Thomson, who guided me through the products I was interested in. With his assistance, I made a choice that left me very satisfied. Additionally, I received a follow-up email, and to my pleasant surprise, my watch was delivered within three days. If you're looking to invest in a quality watch, I highly recommend Watches of Switzerland. I felt genuinely appreciated.

4.50/5.00 Jewellery & watches

Milichevich Phillips reviewed X Jewellery

Hagley West Watches

I must express that this company is truly exceptional—customer service is incredibly prompt and courteous. The journey behind the company's inception and its ambitious global aspirations are truly inspiring. I find myself eagerly following Tim Hayden's journey, anticipating someone discovering him and saying 'Love Your Journey'... And of course, the watches themselves are exquisite and elegant. This is a remarkable story!

4.50/5.00 Jewellery & watches

Milichevich Phillips reviewed Hagley West Watches Limited

Hagley West Watches

I must express that this company is truly exceptional—customer service is incredibly prompt and courteous. The journey behind the company's inception and its ambitious global aspirations are truly inspiring. I find myself eagerly following Tim Hayden's journey, anticipating someone discovering him and saying 'Love Your Journey'... And of course, the watches themselves are exquisite and elegant. This is a remarkable story!

4.50/5.00 Jewellery & watches

Rosie Wendy reviewed EverWith Memorial Jewellery

Exceptional company

I am consistently impressed by this company! Their attention and thoughtfulness towards your loved ones are unparalleled. The pieces they offer are genuinely beautiful and foster a sense of connection to those we've lost. I currently own two pieces and eagerly anticipate ordering two more.

4.50/5.00 Jewellery & watches

Roderick Darren reviewed GS Custom Watches

Service fantastique

Entreprise parfaite ! J'ai commandé plusieurs montres là-bas, livrées en deux jours, d'une qualité agréable comme décrit. Petit problème avec un maillon, de ma faute, un nouveau livré le lendemain ! Excellent service !

4.50/5.00 Jewellery & watches

Paul Smith reviewed Diamond Heaven

Acquisition d'une bague de noces de rubis...

Achat d'une bague de noces de rubis. Dès le départ, Chantal a été attentive et très compétente concernant la composition de la bague. La bague a été redimensionnée très rapidement et livrée en toute sécurité. Excellente expérience avec Diamond Heaven et nous le referons sans hésiter ! Merci.

4.50/5.00 Jewellery & watches

Darius Leroy reviewed Ralph Christian Watches

Un luxe abordable

J'ai acheté ma deuxième montre Ralph Christian et elle est encore plus belle en vrai, c'est un bijou de montre !!

4.50/5.00 Jewellery & watches

Paula Dawn reviewed Solace Jewellery

A reliable destination for all my jewelry needs.

After developing a sensitivity to off-the-shelf earrings, I found solace here. From earrings to bracelets, I've explored various pieces and have always been impressed by their quality and style. Each item fits perfectly and comes with exceptional service and presentation. Highly recommended, even if hypoallergenic features aren't a priority for you.

4.50/5.00 Jewellery & watches

dansky Charles reviewed PANZERA Watches

Panzera watches boast exceptional quality!

What I adore about the brand is their outstanding customer service—they promptly address your inquiries and ensure your satisfaction! Exceptional service!

4.50/5.00 Jewellery & watches

Gemma Kakaiya reviewed Orelia Jewellery

Stunning and incredible deals for the quality.

Stunning and incredible deals for the quality. A wide array of exquisite styles to elevate any ensemble.

4.50/5.00 Jewellery & watches

Michael Dixon reviewed Tufina Watches

This stunning timepiece is truly exquisite.

I purchased the Oman silver timepiece with a stainless steel band, and I've been delighted with my decision ever since it arrived. The craftsmanship is exceptional, with intricate details adorning the dial. I particularly appreciate the dual time function, and the skeleton touch adds a sense of mystique and grandeur to the watch. The delivery was remarkably swift, and although this wasn't my initial choice, Tufina's prompt and courteous assistance with the return and refund process made the experience seamless. I highly recommend both this watch and Tufina & Co., and I'm likely to make another purchase from them soon given their extensive and diverse selection of timepieces.

4.50/5.00 Jewellery & watches

Arian Lombardi reviewed Cullen Jewellery

Extremely helpful interaction with Ava!

I consulted her regarding a potential ring purchase, and she went above and beyond. Ava offered a detailed explanation of the various diamond types and the ordering process. She even volunteered to assist me in selecting a higher quality diamond based on my preferences. I'm excited to continue working with her to find the perfect ring for my proposal!

4.50/5.00 Jewellery & watches

Michael Meakin reviewed AMJ Watches

I purchased a Breitling Superocean Heritage

I purchased a Breitling Superocean Heritage from AMJ, and I'm thrilled with both the watch and the amazing service. It was delivered the very next day! Thank you so much for making this purchase such a fantastic experience.

4.50/5.00 Jewellery & watches

Islander Linda reviewed Body Jewellery Shop


This is my second time using their service, and once again, everything – from the service to the items to the speed of delivery – was exceptional. Couldn't be happier with them :-)

4.50/5.00 Jewellery & watches

Portland Jason reviewed YEMA Watches

Exceptional craftsmanship in French timepiece manufacturing.

Their dedication to quality control is truly remarkable, now with impeccable standards. They've begun producing their own movements, adding another layer of excellence. Their design aesthetic is timeless, making them one of my absolute favorite brands.

4.50/5.00 Jewellery & watches

mottershead Kirsten reviewed All Wear Jewellery

Absolutely incredible value!

Your website features such fantastic items, with a perfect balance of price and quality. Every purchase is a breeze from start to finish, and the added bonus of receiving additional offers and savings via email and text is wonderful. The items are always expertly packaged and sent out promptly. The only suggestion I have is to expand the range of rings for gentlemen, which I hope will be considered in the future. A solid 5-star rating for your outstanding service, exceptional quality, and top-notch customer care. Thank you for everything!

4.50/5.00 Jewellery & watches

Bird Simon reviewed Watches2u.com

These Armani earrings are delightful!

The delivery was incredibly fast; they arrived even earlier than the estimated date. I appreciated receiving email updates and a designated time slot from Royal Mail.

4.50/5.00 Jewellery & watches

Shelley Marko reviewed Oliver Jewellery

Although the delivery experience wasn't ideal.

I received exceptional service and attention from Oliver's. Your team truly exceeded expectations to rectify the situation, even though the issue wasn't within your control. The ring I received is absolutely stunning; it's garnered numerous compliments, and for an antique piece, it's in remarkable wearable condition. I'm thrilled with my purchase, and just like the previous ring I acquired, it surpasses the image online. I'll certainly return because life is simply incomplete without exquisite jewelry.

4.50/5.00 Jewellery & watches

Andre Dhaliwal reviewed Jura Watches

I adore these timepieces

their unique craftsmanship always earns me numerous compliments whenever I wear one.

4.50/5.00 Jewellery & watches

Lilla Kiprova reviewed Camilla Krøyer Jewellery

Unparalleled jewelry of the highest quality in Denmark.

Unbeatable styles, service, and lightning-fast delivery – possibly even among the best in the world! 🥰 Camilla, you're truly amazing! 😍🥰 Keep up the fantastic work. 👏

4.50/5.00 Jewellery & watches

Saunders COLK reviewed First Class Watches

Service exceptionnel, Réponses rapides

Achat facile, réponse rapide pour obtenir la remise, livraison le lendemain à l'heure prévue. Très satisfait de l'achat. S'il y avait quelque chose à améliorer, ce serait peut-être d'inclure plus d'informations sur l'entretien et le service, car il n'y a pas beaucoup d'informations sur le site web du fabricant non plus.

4.50/5.00 Jewellery & watches

Aditi christine reviewed Pilgrim Jewellery

Excellente qualité et allure remarquable

Les bijoux sont d'excellente qualité et ont une allure classique authentique. Les pièces correspondent exactement à ce qu'elles montrent sur les photos. Elles offrent l'apparence et le ressenti de pièces statement de luxe. Je suis vraiment satisfait de mon achat.

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