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4.50/5.00 Food

Richman Georges reviewed Swanson Vitamins

User-friendly website and checkout process..

The website is easy to navigate, and the checkout process is smooth. They consistently offer great deals, which are especially valuable in today's climate of rising costs. I've been a customer for years, and their stomach lining repair supplement literally saved my life. I'm incredibly grateful to them.

4.50/5.00 Food

Layla Lopez reviewed REWE Onlineshop

Excellent delivery service

I had a great delivery experience. I'd definitely order more if the delivery could be as quick as same or next day.

4.50/5.00 Food

Leon English reviewed Giftbox Boutique

Valued the personalized communication via email

The recipient gave the box their seal of approval, which didn't come as a surprise, as I had previously received one as a gift and knew it would be a hit.

4.50/5.00 Food

Sylvain steyvers reviewed Sicilyaddict

Great product, swift delivery, but packaging a bit snug

The product itself is fantastic and arrived promptly, securely packed within the box. However, since we ordered three parcels and only two fit in the box, we had to pay extra for each additional pack. It would have been preferable to have individual cooler boxes to prevent any damage to the contents, as some items arrived slightly broken. It seems the seller might have opted for cost-saving measures by attempting to fit in the extra item we ordered.

4.50/5.00 Food

Brittain Pisani reviewed Blink Cat Food

Prepare for the furry frenzy!

Though the package is labeled for Arthur & Olive, the reality is we're overflowing with foster kittens here, all equally enamored with Blink as my own little ones! Currently caring for a litter of 4 kittens battling cat flu, their appetite is crucial, and the aroma of this food works like magic. The moment they catch a whiff, they come bounding towards me. I strongly believe that this food, especially the tuna variety, plays a significant role in their recovery. So, a heartfelt thank you from all of us on their behalf.

4.50/5.00 Food

Olivia Sibbald reviewed Butternut Box

Simple and nutritious

My canine companion thrives on Butternut meals, which not only keep him healthy and content but also cater to his sensitive stomach. Their convenience in storage and serving makes mealtime a breeze. Additionally, modifying regular orders or indulging him with special treats is effortless, thanks to Butternut's excellent communication.

4.50/5.00 Food

Basi Johnson reviewed COOK

I always find satisfaction in placing my orders with Cook.

I consistently appreciate my orders from Cook. While I used to enjoy cooking when my family was young, the pleasure has diminished now that I'm on my own. Discovering Cook has been wonderful, providing tasty and wholesome food that brings back the joy of home-cooked meals. The ordering process is easy, and the knowledge of the delivery day and the reliable delivery person adds a sense of security. I'm delighted to have found such a trustworthy homemade food company.

4.50/5.00 Food

Piot Malkov reviewed SUPERSONIC Food

Wow, Smart Meal is truly fantastic.

Wow! The Supersonic Smart Meal is truly exceptional. I've experimented with Huel, KOSMOS, and Supersonic stands out as the best so far. The ready-to-drink option is excellent too. I'm impressed because, to be honest, most of those "superfoods" were mediocre. The Smart Meal is the first thing that I genuinely enjoy drinking.

4.50/5.00 Food

Alyssa Williams reviewed Funky Food

Perfect score: 10/10.

Highly recommend this fantastic service for any cooking enthusiast! My partner and I subscribe to a small box every two weeks, and it consistently arrives filled with an impressive and seasonally diverse assortment of fruits and vegetables, along with essential pantry staples. Not only has it significantly reduced our supermarket expenses by at least half, but it also eliminates the need for frequent trips to the store. The boxes always arrive on time, and the quality is excellent for the price. A strong recommendation!

4.50/5.00 Food

Erika Vincent reviewed Fruggies

Incredible smoothies, my breakfast staple!

Fruggies' smoothies have become my preferred choice for breakfast. I'm particularly fond of the 'Ivory' and 'Candy' flavors, which offer a delightful blend of banana and strawberry flavors with a subtle hint of vegetables. These smoothies provide a convenient, effortless, and nutritious start to my day!

4.50/5.00 Food

Beate Mandy reviewed Bodybuilding Warehouse

Ich bin rundum zufrieden.

Ich bin äußerst zufrieden und kaufe seit fast zwei Jahren meine Flavours bei BBD. Der Geschmack ist einfach unschlagbar, das Sortiment ist sehr vielfältig, und der Versand sowie der Service sind erstklassig. Heute ist meine neue Bestellung angekommen, und ich freue mich besonders über den beigelegten 50g-Beutel eines Flavours, den ich noch nicht kenne. Super, vielen Dank! Macht weiter so!!!!!

4.50/5.00 Food

Jayne Collins reviewed Pure Pet Food

Puppy is flourishing with Pure.

We've successfully transitioned Dudley to Pure Pet food, and he enjoys it just as much as Albert does. Dudley has a more robust digestive system than Albert, and we have no worries. He's growing quickly and is very content. Highly recommended.

4.50/5.00 Food

daniel Bullion reviewed Muscle Food - MuscleFood.com

I place an order every month without any inconvenience…

I've been ordering every month without any issues for the past few years. However, this month, I faced an problem with DPD not delivering. MuscleFood promptly resolved the issue, arranging another delivery despite it being no fault of their own. The service was amazing, and their communication and handling of the situation were truly spectacular.

4.50/5.00 Food

Karen Francis reviewed The Skinny Food Co

Indulge in guilt-free indulgences

I adore the products from the Skinny Food Co, and it's particularly satisfying to enjoy a guilt-free sweet treat that's carb-free. I recently took advantage of their sale and got a variety of items, making my treats even more economical than usual. While I encountered a minor issue with my order, James efficiently addressed and resolved it promptly.

4.50/5.00 Food

DAVID Francesco reviewed Nutrimuscle

Products of excellent quality.

The quality of the products is very high, although the shipping is a bit slower compared to their main competitor, Nutripure. Nevertheless, I would reorder from them as their prices are the most competitive.

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