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4.50/5.00 Gardening supplies

Fiore Ward reviewed Hillside Exotic Gardening

Everything was okay, but there was some confusion during the ordering process about…

Seeds of exceptional quality. Despite the order being placed and dispatched between Christmas and New Year, everything was done promptly. Highly recommend these excellent seeds.

4.50/5.00 Gardening supplies

Jan PITMAN reviewed Flu Supplies

Everything was okay, but there was some confusion during the ordering process about…

Everything was good, except for some confusion during the ordering process regarding whether we were purchasing one box of 50 masks or 50 boxes of 50 masks. Surprisingly, even the price difference didn't make it clear. Some improvements on the website to clarify this would be beneficial. Other than that, no issues – overall, a positive experience.

4.50/5.00 Gardening supplies

Quang Westbrook reviewed AMR Hair & Beauty Supplies - Melbourne

I am pleased with my purchase of the high-quality professional barber chair.

I am delighted with my purchase of an excellent barber chair from this company. The quality is outstanding, and the delivery service was exceptionally fast, just as advertised on their website. Thank you very much for your excellent service. I will definitely recommend your business to all my friends.

4.50/5.00 Gardening supplies

Michael Jolliffe reviewed UK Build Supplies

Excellent! An outstanding company.

Surprised by the swift delivery of my order, it was well-packaged and exactly what I was looking for. The shelves were easy to install and highly practical. Dealing with this company was excellent, and I will certainly be a repeat customer.

4.50/5.00 Gardening supplies

Bandits Helen reviewed Supplies For Candles

I am a pleased customer who has returned for more

I'm a satisfied returning customer who has purchased fragrance, wax, coloring, and containers, all of which were of excellent quality. The service is prompt and efficient. I highly recommend it.

4.50/5.00 Gardening supplies

Sleepy Nicmanis reviewed Cream Supplies

Exceptional customer service.

These individuals continue to provide excellent customer service. They even took the initiative to give me a call and confirm whether it was acceptable to replace an item with a superior alternative.

4.50/5.00 Gardening supplies

Doug Reynolds reviewed Stair Supplies

Swift, reasonably priced, and accompanied by clear instructions.

Quick, affordable, and accompanied by clear instructions.

4.50/5.00 Gardening supplies

Jenny Alvarez reviewed DIGIPRINT SUPPLIES

Prices and customer service that cannot be beaten.

I recently began sourcing our large format print supplies from DIGIPRINT after discovering them while searching for a new supplier for a frequently used product. Their prices are unmatched, and their customer service, along with the quick order processing and shipping, is exceptional. Initially, I was skeptical due to significant price differences, but they have proven to be reliable, making me a believer. We plan to continue using DIGIPRINT as our trusted vendor. Thank you, DIGIPRINT, for your outstanding deals and quality service.

4.50/5.00 Gardening supplies

Fenwick christer reviewed Oasesbox Gardening

Swift and efficient delivery. A service of top-notch quality.

Prompt and efficient delivery. A service of the highest quality.

4.50/5.00 Gardening supplies

Sandra Katie reviewed Life Supplies

Excellent dispenser with a fantastic taste.

Excellent dispenser with a subtly minty taste. The toothpaste consistency is lighter than major brands, which is actually more pleasant. It foams up well without requiring additional water. Leaves teeth feeling thoroughly clean (I also use a SURI toothbrush, and together, they work wonderfully).

4.50/5.00 Gardening supplies

notsoyoung Maiden reviewed Gardening Express

Pleasantly surprised :)

I received the plants promptly and in excellent condition, which is noteworthy given the time of year and cold weather. Typically, when purchasing online, plants tend to be smaller than anticipated, but this time, it was the opposite. I eagerly anticipate the arrival of spring and warmer weather to see these plants thrive. Overall, I am delighted with my purchase and would not hesitate to buy from Gardening Express again.

4.50/5.00 Gardening supplies

Gaffney Veronica reviewed QS Supplies

I purchased a Roca Kitchen Sink mixer...

I purchased a Roca Kitchen Sink mixer tap. It's a high-quality product delivered promptly at a competitive price. I would certainly consider using this service again.

4.50/5.00 Gardening supplies

Annette Sullivan reviewed Albany Supplies

I received what I had ordered at a…

I received what I ordered at a fair price, and it arrived promptly.

4.50/5.00 Gardening supplies

Wiltshire Janine reviewed Gardening Direct

My King Charles Coronation Lily bulbs…

After a few months of anticipation, my King Charles Coronation Lily bulbs have finally arrived. The bulbs appear to be in excellent health and were meticulously packed with a generous amount of compost. I'm eager to plant them and witness their growth, especially considering their stunning red color. However, I must share that my delivery experience with Yodel was far from satisfactory. Unfortunately, the bulbs were left on my neighbor's front step against her rarely used door, with no notice provided to either of us. Consequently, my parcel endured two days of exposure to the elements until it was discovered. The delivery confirmation, featuring only a photo of a brown door, was unhelpful as my front door is white. Needless to say, I was not impressed.

4.50/5.00 Gardening supplies

Alyson Walsh reviewed Flooring Supplies

Aedon provided effective customer support…

Aedon provided efficient telephone customer support and readily offered the current discount, ensuring a very competitive price. Swift delivery from available stock has been arranged. As of now, I haven't received the product, but it is not expected for another two working days.

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