Growplay Monkey Bars

5.00/5.00 Published 135 days ago

"Produit formidable."

Excellent produit, matériaux de qualité, assez facile à monter. Nécessite définitivement deux adultes pour le construire. Service client vraiment bon quand j'avais besoin de pièces supplémentaires. Enfants très heureux. Je le recommande vivement.

5.00/5.00 Published 149 days ago

"Excellent product."

Excellent product, made with quality materials, quite easy to assemble. It definitely requires two adults for construction. The customer service was really good when I needed extra parts. Children are very happy. I would highly recommend it.

5.00/5.00 Published 171 days ago

"Kids love it, no question!"

We are absolutely thrilled with our new Grow Play Monkey Bars. Our daughter was incredibly excited when we received them! They are incredibly adaptable, offering a wide range of activities within a relatively compact space, which suited our yard perfectly. The only issue we encountered was the absence of instructions for installing the climbing net. Unfortunately, we realized this too late and were unable to install that particular component. Overall, it's an outstanding product, exceptionally high in quality, incredibly durable, and it's sure to provide years of enjoyment!

Growplay Monkey Bars




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