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5.00/5.00 Published 112 days ago


Dependable and professional. Maintained consistent communication during the transaction. Provided timely and courteous updates.

5.00/5.00 Published 202 days ago

"Wow, what an excellent service!"

Wow, what an exceptional service! It's truly refreshing to encounter such excellent service. They picked up and delivered exactly as promised, and the work was done affordably. Finally, I've found the bike shop that caters to everything I need. Dave, the boss, is incredibly easy to talk to, and the staff is exceptionally friendly. I would highly recommend these guys, and I've been riding for more than 40 years. - Mark

5.00/5.00 Published 216 days ago

"Incredible service, and I am exceptionally pleased..."

Exceptional service, and I'm extremely delighted with my new bike. Although there was an initial issue, they went above and beyond to resolve it much faster than I had anticipated, despite the considerable distance between us. This review comes a bit late, but I wanted to express my gratitude!

5.00/5.00 Published 231 days ago

"Exceptional purchasing experience."

After recently having an accident with my GS, I was eager to find a new bike. BMWs haven't been very lucky for me, so I was leaning towards getting a Triumph Explorer. I did some online research, visited A! but had no luck, then I went to York Motorbikes just around the corner for a look. Upstairs, I spotted it immediately—a silver Triumph Trophy SE with a hint of blue. It was love at first sight. I spent about ten minutes examining it, went home to check reviews, and it came out on top in every category compared to RTs. I had owned an RT for nearly five years, so I already knew how good they were. It was a no-brainer. I called and placed a deposit with Natalie, who was very understanding and patient since I needed to wait for the insurance payout for my GS. In the meantime, I went back to take a closer look at the bike. It's loaded with features and gadgets. One day short of three weeks after the accident, the insurance came through, and I called to arrange picking up the bike the next day. The entire process was smooth, and the team was understanding of my circumstances. The more I ride the new bike, the more I appreciate it. It's quite different from a GS but suits me perfectly for now. I did have a minor hiccup right after filling up at Morrisons; I couldn't start the bike.

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