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"I adore the values upheld by this company."

I appreciate the principles this company follows! I dislike paying extra for quality products, as I'm aware that such costs often include unnecessary and sometimes unethical expenses that go against my values. I prefer supporting companies that prioritize transparency and offer the best value for customers, treating them like close friends. This is exactly how I felt with Beauty Pie. I also admire their attractive and sustainable packaging.

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"Accro à l'Hooked on Beauty Pie Jeju Daily Cleansing Milk."

I purchased Beauty Pie Jeju Daily a while back when I first joined but needed to finish a couple of other bottles of cleansing milk before trying it. However, once I started using this product, I couldn't go back to the ones I used before. It turns into an oil on my skin, doesn't cause any irritation to my eyes, and effectively removes all my makeup, including waterproof mascara. I'm hooked and extremely satisfied.

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"I've been a member since its..."

I've been a member since its inception. Women have always been captivated by beauty and self-improvement, and the beauty industry has flourished as a result. Then, Marcia came along, maintaining our fascination while making it affordable. Receiving those pink boxes, beautifully wrapped like a present to yourself, has been a joy. There are essentials like the super healthy range that I've recommended to others. However, I also enjoy the excitement of new product launches, and they keep getting better.

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