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5.00/5.00 Published 136 days ago

"Service client exceptionnel."

During the purchase of a refrigerator, we had a few particular requests. Trey from customer service promptly, accurately, and thoroughly addressed our inquiries. He remained patient and helpful despite our multiple modifications to the order.

5.00/5.00 Published 150 days ago

"Extremely pleased."

The nearby restaurant supply store was quite costly for the whisk I required, nearly $35. I discovered this alternative and had it shipped to my store; it was $12 less expensive than the local option! The delivery was prompt. The only improvement I would have appreciated is a packing slip, as the General Manager, I require a receipt or packing slip for reimbursement purposes.

5.00/5.00 Published 155 days ago

"Exceptionnel service client."

I placed an order with Restaurant Supply, and shortly afterward, I realized it was the wrong item! They promised swift shipment if the order was placed before 5 pm, and I submitted the order at 4:15 pm. Immediately, I emailed and left a voicemail, thinking I might not be able to cancel in time. To my surprise, they responded within 15 minutes! Although I didn't manage to cancel this order, I will certainly order from them in the future. Their customer service is excellent, with a remarkably fast response to emails and a genuinely friendly approach. I highly recommend ordering from them!

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